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How To Instantly Be Happy

The next time you are feeling a negative emotion: depressed, sad, frustrated, etc, the best way to snap out of it is to redefine the negative feeling.

Do not look at this “feeling” in bad way.  This negative emotion you are feeling is simply your higher self (consciousness) telling your physical self that something is out of alignment with what you truly desire.  Think of it as a your higher self giving you a friendly nudge in the right direction.

​When you define it that way, suddenly you can see that feeling sad or depressed is actually a good thing!  It’s really a beautiful mechanism inherit inside of you which guides you to the life you truly desire.  What a great thing to experience!

When most people sink into deep depression, what actually is happening is they are feeling depressed about being depressed.  Something may trigger them, then negative thoughts arise, which are reinforced by feeling depressed about having the negative thoughts and the vicious cycle begins.

So try this trick the next time you experience a bad emotion.  Accept that bad feeling, define it as your higher self guiding you in a different direction, show gratitude towards this experience and then move on in the way you desire!

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