Money and Happiness
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A New Perspective on Money and Happiness

Can money really buy happiness?  Ahh, the age ol’ question!

This is probably one of the most pondered, debated and discussed questions in personal development.

As most of my readers know, I hate regurgitating the same old stuff you can find anywhere, so instead of attempting to answer this, I’m going to share a unique perspective on this question instead.  Hopefully it will bring some value and perspective to you as well.

To start, ask yourself how much money you would need to buy everything you’ve ever wanted : dream house, dream car, dream vacations, etc.  For the sake of this exercise it can be any number you want.  Let’s just use 20 million dollars for this example.

Ok, now that we have a number in mind, ask yourself this question; assuming you were unhappy with your life, would you rather have a.) 20 millions dollars or b.) no money, but guaranteed happiness for the rest of your life?

Hmmmmmm. Interesting question!

I have found that most people immediately say option A with the rational that they can use the money to buy them happiness, thus getting both A and B.  A minority of the people pick option B, arguing that money can’t buy happiness so there is no point in picking A.

Here is my perspective; neither answer is necessarily right or wrong.  What really matters is the thought behind the question .  Let me explain…

Ultimately, the outcome that matters the most is your state of being.  As I have mentioned many times before in my writing, state of being is far more important than any material thing or circumstance.

Let’s say you pick the 20 million dollars and buy your dream car.  What exactly is so good about having this car? Some might say the car drives fast, or drives really smooth or looks cool, and these are all valid points.  But remember, all those things are just circumstances!  What makes this dream car so special is that is produces circumstances which ultimately give you a desired state of being that is in alignment with your true self.  It makes you feel good by virtue of the emotion you feel when driving the car.

So to recap: undesired state of being -> money ->car -> desirable circumstances -> desired state of being.

But here’s the thing to realize.  You don’t need the “desirable circumstances” to get into your desired state of being!  You can simply choose that state at anytime.  No money or dream car needed!

So in reality the above graphic should look like this: undesired state of being -> decide to realign -> desired state of being.

The key takeaway here is that ultimately everyone is aiming to get into their desired state of being.  Unfortunately way too many people get caught up believing that some circumstance (i.e. Having money) has to occur before they can reach that state.  The simple truth is that happiness is a choice, the only question is, what are you going to choose?!

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