The aim of Livn.Org is to take personal development techniques and make them both quick and simple without sacrificing any of the value.  I find the personal development field to being extremely broad and sometimes overwhelming.  My goal here is to find the most valuable pieces, condense them and present them to you in an easily digestible fashion.

I like to compare it to a magnificent gourmet seven course meal.  Sure it sounds great, but understandably, you do not always have the time to sit down and enjoy the meal.  So why not grab a quick salad to go that is just as healthy and tasty?


About the Author

Oops! Almost forgot to introduce myself.  My name is Marc.  Just like this site, I am a pretty simple, just trying to live life to the fullest capacity.  I have been married to my beautiful wife for 8 years now and we have a crazy, but adorable Goldendoodle named Zoey.

In my lifetime, I have worn many hats; chemical engineer, real estate investor, financial advisor, entrepreneur and author, but throughout them all, I have always had a vested interest in personal development.  Having invested thousands of hours (and dollars!) into my own self development, I decided it was best to start giving back by freely sharing what I have learned throughout my life.

I personally thank you for visiting my site and hope you are able to take value from it.  I am always interested in questions, comments and feedback from all of you.  Please feel free to reach out me anytime at hello@livn.org.