how to deal with misfortune
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How To Deal With Misfortune

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune”

This is one of my all time favorite quotes from the late, great Napoleon Hill.  The reason why I love this quote is because it can resonate with just about everyone’s life in one way or another.  I also love this quote because it speaks to the theme of possibility which EVERYONE has within them.  You just need to find the best way to explore it.

I can personally attest to this quote throughout many dark periods of my life.  Back in 2003, I was a young, eager money hungry person.  Just out of college with a great, high paying job as an engineer, I thought I had the world in my palm.  I was extremely naive, especially to the concept of money. I bought a new house, new clothes, I even went out and bought a Porsche convertible.

Eager to keep riding this streak, I figured I would become next real estate king, So I went out and blindly started buying rental homes.  Remember this was right before the economic crash of the 2000’s.  Getting a mortgage back then was ridiculously easy at the urging of money grabbing mortgage brokers.  I remember for applying for my 5th loan with $89 dollars In my bank account and getting approved!

I’m sure you can guess the direction my life headed the next few years.  Of course the economy went crashing along with the real estate market,  to include my houses as well.  By this time I had extended myself so far financially that I was beyond any type of repair.

I lost everything – my rental properties, my personal home, my Porsche, and even my credit.  Completely wiped out.

As you can probably guess, this was followed by a long period of depression, and self loathing.  I began blaming everything and everyone for my issues, except myself.  At the time I though my life was permanently ruined.

Little did I know this would prove the most pivotal, positive points of my life

A funny thing happens when you are at rock bottom with little to no options.  It’s as if the world forces you to look at reality right in the eyes and tell the truth.  No more lies to the world, and more importantly no more lies to myself.

I began to take stock of my life, where I was and how I got there.  (The lessons I learned during this period are too numerous to list in the post, so I plan to expand on these in the near future).

The most important takeaway however was that misfortune is just like any other circumstance In your life.  You can can assign it any meaning you prefer.

After a long period, I decided consciously to take this misfortune and use it as an opportunity to realign myself with my true desires.

Shortly after, I did the unthinkable and quit my job as an engineer.  At that point it was the only “lucrative” thing I had left, but I didn’t care because truth was, I hated it.  I hated being an engineer all along, I was just in it for the money.

People thought I was crazy, but I figured I had nothing to lose.  At the very least, I would have my happiness back.  If I was going to be broke and bankrupt, why make it worse by spending 8 hours a day doing something I despised?

And you know what?  It turned out to be the BEST decision I ever made!  I told myself from here on out, I was going to go with my gut instinct and always stay aligned with my higher self.

I realized that I would only be happy working for myself and not for someone else’s or some corporations benefit.  I took a look at my talents and interest and decided to start my own business.  I began saving money, paying off debt and getting back on my feet.  From there I took the economic downturn (opportunity from misfortune!) and found ways to invest in real estate without purchasing a home (my credit was still shot at his point).   Once the real estate market came back, the money began flowing again and even more doors opened up for me.

Suffice it to say, it lead to a deep exploration of self development, which led to a deep need within me to share my story and lessons learned though this blog.  My goal now is to bring as much value to as many people as possible.

The big takeaway here is that when life seems to be hitting you hard, remember to look at it from an overall macro level, rather than individual small losses.  When I look back at the small setbacks on their own, it’s easy to get depressed. However when I take a look a life on an overall scale. it’s much easier to see the positive turn my life took, and to express gratitude for the setbacks setting my in the true aligned direction I needed to go. ​

I hope you use my story and a guide for when you feel life is setting you back.  Always remember the most important thing is always your state of being.  No matter how bad life gets, you are ALWAYS in control of your state of being. Unlike your money, home, financial credit, no one can ever take that away from you.  If you can remember that, the universe will always support you!

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