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Law Of Attraction Meditation: The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Your Desires [With Videos]

I enjoy taking feedback from all of my readers regarding the content they would like to see on this site.  One of the most popular request lately has been a Law of Attraction Meditation.

My first intention with this post was to come up with a completely new Law of Attraction Meditation.  Once I started doing research however, I found there were many really good ones out there already.  Instead of re-inventing the wheel, my intention with this post is to provide you with a best, comprehensive guide for Law of Attraction Meditations.

What's standing between you and success?

This article gives me great pleasure and excitement to put together for you.  It is a bit different from my normal posts, however, I truly feel as if you will gain a ton of value from it!

Law Of Attraction Basics

Before we get into the actual meditations, I just wanted to quickly go over the law of attraction as I see it.  If you have read my previous post on this topic, you will remember that the law of attraction can actually work.  The key is to apply it in the correct way.

Unfortunately, over the recent years, the law of attraction has been over-glorified into what I call a “hocus-pocus” type method.  It has been made to appear as if you just close your eyes, state your desire and POOF, it comes true!  I get a lot of flack for saying this, but in my opinion, the movie The Secretis somewhat to blame for this as well.

The main thing to remember is the purpose of the Law of Attraction is to get you into the correct state of being.  By doing so, you will much more easily be able to attract your desires into your life.

The basic premise of how the law of attraction works is this: Your desired thoughts (T) lead to Emotions (E).  Your Emotions then lead to Actions (A), which then lead to Results (R).  If we were writing this out as a simple formula, it would come out to be what I call the “T.E.A.R” formula:

(T)houghts + (E)motions + (A)ctions = (R)esults 

It is important to note that “Results” do not necessarily need to be a physical thing such as money or a new car.  Results really is defined as your desired state (which may involve physical things such as money).  It is very important to point out that the formula does not say:

(T)houghts = (R)esults

The T = R formula above is typically how the Law of Attraction is portrayed as in popular media.  Notice how the above formula omits Emotions and Actions.  It basically is saying you can just think of the result you want and it will magically appear out of thin air.  This is complete nonsense and typically why the Law of Attraction gets such a bad rap these days.

Hopefully that paints a clearer picture of how the Law of Attraction actually works.  By comparing the two formulas above, you can see that Thoughts do lead to Results, it is just a matter of also adding Emotions and Actions.

Law of Attraction Meditation Videos

Now that we have the Law of Attraction basics covered, lets jump right in to my 3 favorite Law of Attraction Meditation Videos.  As I have mentioned before in my posts, I try to practice meditation where ever and whenever possible.  While I meditate, I find it most beneficial to have a focus on my desired state.  Doing this primes my mind to get in the correct (T)hought and (E)motional state of being.  Following our T.E.A.R formula, this will lead us to (A)ction then ultimately (R)esults.

Below are my top three all time guided meditation videos, in no particular order.  For each video, I will explain why they are so effective and how they can help you attract your desired state.

Alan Watts Guided Meditation

If you have been following my articles and teachings for a while, it will seem very obvious that I am a huge fan of Alan Watts.  Watts was a British philosopher that became immensely popular in the 50’s and 60’s.  He is most credited for bring Eastern Philosophy into the mainstream with Western  audiences.  His true genius was being able to take advanced philosophies and explain them in much simpler terms.

This video is an amazing meditation for getting your mind primed into the correct mindset for addressing your desires.  I typically start my meditation sessions with this video, then continue with a focus on my desire for that moment.

Bob Proctor – Shift In Paradigm Meditation

This is another great meditation video from Bob Proctor.  Proctor is widely recognized as one of the best experts in the self help/personal development field.

If you have ever watched or read any of Bob’s material, you will know that he is really big on the idea of “shifting your paradigm”.  Your paradigm is simply the collection of beliefs that you hold which pretty much dictate how you live your life.  You can think of it as your personal programming, much like operating software on a computer or cell phone.

Shifting your paradigm is a very important factor in applying the law of attraction.  Once you are able to shift your paradigm towards your desires, your (T)houghts and (A)ctions follow suit, leading (R)esults.  Just like Alan Watts, Bob is also a great motivational speaker, which is why I find his guided meditation so valuable.

Law of Attraction Meditation For Deep Positive Thinking

For the last video on my list, I have selected the above Law of Attraction Meditation.  This is a much longer video than the other two, so it may be a bit harder to squeeze this into your day.  If you have the time, it is very beneficial to watch it in it’s entirety so you can really get your mind entrenched into your desired state.

For the ultimate effect, I would suggest starting with the Watts video as a primer, then go straight into this one. I realize this is much more time consuming, however the benefits will be that much greater once completed.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you find real value from the above videos listed here today.  The key takeaway to remember here is that the law of attraction always starts with thought.  The quality of your thoughts will in turn dictate the quality of the results you see from this process.  This is why it is vitally important to create these thoughts with deep personal thinking and meditation.

As always, comments and questions from you are very much appreciated.  If you feel there is something that is missing or needs more clarification, please let me know.

Until next time!


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