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Body Language, Energy and How To Memorize Your Grocery List

The 30-Day Challenge

As you can probably see it has been quite a while since my last post. I apologize for the delay, but I promise I have (somewhat) of a good excuse.

For the past month, I decided to partake in a 30-Day Quora writing challenge. Some of you might be thinking, “What the hell does that mean?” and more importantly, “Why the hell do I care?”

What's standing between you and success?

Well, I hear you loud and clear! Let me explain quickly.

If you don’t know, Quora is a social website where people can go to both ask and answer questions. It is quickly growing in popularity and can be quite interesting once you start poking around.

About a month ago, I decided to create a profile and started answering questions here and there. It was fun and I really enjoyed the feedback I received!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much I decided to set up a 30-Day challenge for myself where I would answer at least one question per day, for 30 days straight.

My intention with this challenge was actually two fold.

One, I figured it would be a good personal exercise to attempt to come up with new material everyday. Almost like a daily workout for my brain.

Two, (and more importantly for all of you) I figured it would be a great way to solicit instant feedback to find out what topics people truly care about.

The 30 Day challenge is now complete, I was blown away by the results of my experiment.

I did see an improvement in my writing abilities, but I was much more intrigued by the responses I received from my answers.

Many times, answers I figured were well thought out and valuable received very little positive response. On the other hand, some answers which I more or less wrote off theccuff became instant viral hits. Go figure!

Either way, I gained a ton of valuable feedback and insight into what you actually want to read about. This is feedback which I plan on implementing to improve your experience here.

To highlight the results of this experiment, I thought I would share with you all some of my most popular answers over the past month. They are all shorter than my typical posts, however, I think you will find some great nuggets of value in each of them.



What can I learn quickly right now that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Here is one life hack that will blow your mind.

I learned it about 15 years ago while in college and it has paid off immensely.

The best part? It is ridiculously simple.

Forget 2 minutes, I will teach you in 30 seconds.

Do you ever wonder what people think of you in social situations?

For example…

Does that group of managers at the conference want you to join them?

What about that woman or man you approached at the bar?

How is your sales pitch going to your potential clients?

To get your answer, all you have to do to is this one thing.

Look at their feet.

I know what you are thinking. Really?

Yes, that is all.

Body language is 90% of communication.

Even better? Body language never lies.

People will always point one or both of their feet in the direction of where they really want to be.

If someone is really engaged with you, their feet will be pointing in your direction

Same goes for a group of people.

Looking to join in on a conversation? Look for whoever has one of their feet pointing outward.

That person is subconsciously sending an invite for someone to join in. (Or possible for someone to save them from the group).

Conversely if someone has their torso turned towards you, but not their feet, it’s time to abort the conversation.

Now of course there are always exceptions to every rule, but this is one you should always pay attention to.

Go ahead and look around the next time you are out in public and you will be amazed.

Just remember to always keep your feet pointed in the direction you want to go.

Which habits drain our energy?

It’s really simple, yet hardly anyone realizes it.

In fact, you are doing it now.

Figure it out yet?

It’s one word.


Ok, maybe a better description might be overthinkingbut it is still thinking nonetheless.

As rational human beings, it is imperative that we using thinking to navigate throughout life.

The problem is, we almost always over do it.

And here is the problem:

It’s draining.

It’s draining and constantly sucking valuable energy away from more important areas of your life.

So how do we fix this problem?

The most simple answer is to set your thoughts free.

Take time out of every day – 2 mins, 30 mins, 4 hours, whatever it may be…

Take that time and let whatever thoughts pop on your head roam on their own.

Do not try to control them. Do not assign any meaning to them.

Just let them be free.

The more control you give up, the more energy you save.

Do this and you will soon realize it’s perfectly ok to be free with your thoughts.

No harm will come. Only bliss.

Do this at least once a day and I guarantee you will be happy.

How can I memorize things faster?

Here is one crazy memorization trick that will completely blow your mind.

I learned this trick when I was a young child and have used it successfully ever since.

Here is how it works;

The #1 key to memorization is visualization.

Visualization not only allows you to memorize more items, it also allows you to memorize more items faster.

This is a well known theory that is shared among just about all memorization experts.


What most don’t tell you is that there is a second important element to be aware of which is association.

Association is a powerful concept which further solidifies the relationship between the items being memorized.

So how do we put these two powerful concepts together?

It is actually pretty simple.

Let’s say you are trying to memorize a list of something, for example a list of grocery items.

What you want to do is not only visualize each item, but also visualize a relationship between each item.


OK, let’s walk through an example using this grocery list:

  • Milk
  • Cereal
  • Napkins
  • Eggs
  • Pretzels

The first step in the process is to visualize the first item on the list, which is milk.

Got the picture of milk in your head?

Great, on to the next item which is cereal.

Now here is where most people screw up.

Many memorization experts will simply tell you to visualize a bowl of cereal in your head and move on to the next item but that is a very weak technique.

The trick is come up with a visualization that includes both milk and cereal.

So in the case, picture milk being poured into a bowl of cereal.Got it? Great!

All you have to do now is keep going down the list using the same technique.

So now we need to associate cereal with the next item on the list, which is a napkin.

In this case you might visualize a bowl of cereal with a napkin underneath.

Next, you could visualize covering a plate of eggs with a napkin, and then a hard boiled egg placed in a bag of pretzels.

Once you have completed all of the visualizations, you are done! All of the items should be locked right in your memory!

It take a tiny bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, this technique becomes insanely powerful.

Using this technique I have memorized lists that numbered in the thousands!

What’s really cool is you will be able to recite the list both frontwards and backwards or even start from the middle.

I hope this trick comes in handy for you some day. Give it a shot next time you need to memorize a list of some sort.

You will be amazed at how powerful his technique actually is!

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