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Spending Your Money On This One Thing Will Make You 10x Happier

Can money really buy you happiness?

I am sure you have heard this question before,

but have you ever really pondered it?

I know I have spent many years researching this question,

and I have found that the answer is yes!

What's standing between you and success?

Money can absolutely buy you happiness,

but only if you spend it on one thing.

And what is that one thing?

That one thing is experience. 

Spending money on experiences will always bring you more happiness that spending it on material things.

Here is why;

Experiences last longer than material things. 

Think of it as a return on your investment.

Any material thing you pay for will eventually be gone.

The shiny new sports car.  That fancy new dress.  The leather furniture set.

They all get old, they fade, and eventually end up in a landfill.


backpacking across the country, taking your kids to Disney World, going on your first date…

Those memories,

and the emotion you feel from those memories,

…they last forever.

Same Old, Same Old

Here is another reason why material things do not make you happy;

We simply get used to them.

Sure it would be exciting the first time you get behind the driver’s seat of your new luxury car.

That excitement will probably even come back the first time your friends ride in it,

or the first time you floor the gas on an open stretch of road.

But after awhile, you all these things will just become part of your normal day to day experience.

The thrill.  The hit of adrenaline.  They will eventually fade.

Here is the worst part;

Once that material thing becomes normal to you,

You will eventually feel the need to one up yourself to get that excitement back.

Instead of the $35,000 sports car, you will now have a need for the $50,000 one.

And if you do not get it, or unable to afford it, your happiness will take a severe downward turn.

Pretty soon that sports car that you always wanted, that brought you that initial rush of happiness,

is now just a reminder of how empty you feel.

Bob Proctor success

The Power Of Experience

Think back to your early childhood for a minute.

How many of your toys can you remember?  I am sure you can remember one or two.  Maybe it was a special stuffed animal or your favorite toy truck.  But how many can you vividly recall?

I am guessing not many.  I can maybe think of two.

Now think back to the vacations you took growing up or during your growing years.  I bet you can remember just about all of them.

Not only that, you can probably recall specific details, especially if they were real events such as your first time in a plane or first time in a new country.

Do you see the difference?

That is the power of experience.

The reason you can recall the experiences as opposed to material things is the experiences invoked a much stronger emotion within you.

In fact the emotion is so strong, you start to feel it again the instant you think about it.

It is almost as if the experience is not just something you did, it is something that became part of you.

To me that not only is a good way to spend your money,

…it is something that is priceless.

Time is Money

I once saw a great presentation from the great Bob Proctor, where he talked about the notion of time.

During the talk, Bob compared our time to that of sand flowing through an hourglass.

He explained that the sand that had flowed through to the bottom was the time we have already spent.

The sand in the top portion of the glass that had not flowed through represented our time left before we die.

..and the time flowing the middle of the hourglass was our current time.  The moment we would call “now”.

He used this illustration to demonstrate that our current moment, what we call now, never stands still.  Time is always moving, just as the sand is always flowing down the hourglass.

Because of this we can never really stop time. We can never put it in a freeze frame, so to speak.

We can however, come pretty close by capturing moments in time.

…and how do we do this?

We do this by recalling cherished moments.  Experiences that were so strong and delightful, they never seem to fleet the sands of time moving through the glass.

It is as if that memory or experience is our own little piece of frozen time.

That again is the power of experience.  That is why experience always trumps things.

And that is why money is always better spent on time.

Final Thoughts

Every dollar you make is money you have earned in some form or another.

It is only right that you get the biggest return possible on the value you provided to get that dollar.

Material things can be nice.  Material things can definitely serve a purpose,

but they will never come close to bringing you as much happiness as experiences.

So the next time you reach into your wallet or ponder your next purchase,

don’t just think about the immediate feeling that you will get.

Think longer term.  Think smarter. Think about your return on happiness. 

Do this and I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

What are you thoughts on this subject?  Do you agree that experiences are a better purchase than material things?  Please feel free to comment below.  Also, please feel free to share using the social media icons below.  

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  • Camellia
    August 7, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    I somewhat disagree. People are very different from each other as much as they are very similar. For me the childhood memories are of equal emotional value between things and experiences. Also the car thing: The vw beetle convertible was a real joy for the 8 years I owned it (traded in for a more economical vehicle) . I am the most unmaterialistic person I know, I think what you are really saying is that the focus of Western society on retail therapy is a capitalist cheat to keep us on the merry go round with our noses to the grindstone. Whereas if we change our perception, less peer pressure as children less adverts for “keeping up with the Jones’s” Less acceptance of being treated like sheep by the marketeers, better education to create self belief we as a society may manage to move away from extreme consumption and find a way into living happily. This will probably be on a far less individual level than you are possibly able to imagine. But good luck to you brother.

  • Jason
    August 13, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Yes, but what if those possessions bring you experiences? You buy the van to go cross country camping, the nice clothes to go out to that fancy restaurant with a date, the computer to start your own online business… just a thought.