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Try This Manifestation Trick!

Today I would like to expand some more on my previous post regarding manifesting and the law of attraction.

I admit up front, this post may be a bit hard to follow with circular reasoning, but I assure it’s worth it!

I will try to break it down the best I can…

In my last post I talked about the need to visualize your desires in the present as opposed to some point in the future.

For simplicity, I said to visualize in the present, however, that is technically not entirely accurate.  That model can actually be improved even more.

Let me explain what I mean…

Although it’s a tough concept to realize, your reality is never “out there”, in a separate external world independent of your thoughts.  Your reality is actually created within the bubble of your consciousness. An easier way to state this rule is “your thoughts create your reality”.

Now having said that, it stands to reason that reality is created when you observe it.  Until you observe something through one of your senses, it doesn’t exist…it is merely one of infinite possibilities.

So by the time your observe something in the present it’s technically already created.  It’s too late to change anything.

So if you try to apply the law of attraction by visualize one of your desires in the present, it won’t work because your present is already created.  It’s too late.

So here’s the real trick, when you visualize your desire, picture it slightly in the past, as if it’s already created!  This way, the instant your observe your reality, it’s already there.  Simply put, your desire arrives before your physical self observes it.

Confused yet?   😉

Ok, let me try to break this down in a simpler manner.

1. Picture your desire as already have happened (not as happening in the present).

2. This creates thoughts of already manifested desire.

​3. Your thoughts will then create your reality in the present.

Well, that’s a whole lot to digest for one day.  I’m sorry it was technical but if you can grasp this concept, I promise manifesting will start occurring a much more rapid pace.

My next post will reveal another trick to kick your manifestations in gear, however, it will be a much easier concept to grasp.

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